Traveling to Puncak Mas Lampung

Yesterday, Saturday, December 24, 2017, we took a vacation to Puncak Mas. This is a new tourist location in Lampung Province. The location is in Sukadanaham, Tanjung Karang Barat, Bandar Lampung. The location is not far from Tugu Durian and tourist sites called Lembah Hijau.

We come from Sukarame District. We leave at around 09.00 WIB. We headed to Punca Mas via  Pramuka street. Then, towards the Kemiling Terminal. There is very jammed because there is a flyover development.

It is easy to find Puncak Mas location because it is already in googlemap. To get to this location, the rider can use the directions from Google Direction.

The road to Puncak Mas is very beautiful. The air is very fresh. The streets are also quite quiet from passing vehicles. This area is hilly. So, like going to West Lampung regency. Here there are steep hills and bends. But the journey is great because the road has been repaired. No more hollow and bumpy roads. Some roads to Puncak Mas have been cemented, some on asphalt. The road is also wide enough. When lined tightly, the road can be passed by 4 cars. On both sides of the road found many sellers of durian fruit and bananas. In the car, the rider can also see the beautiful views of Bandarlampung city from the hills.

We arrived at Puncak Mas entrance around 09.30 WIB. There’s an interesting thing when paying for admission, this time. All ticket officers are gentlemen. whereas, usually ticket officers dominated women.

The admission price is twenty thousand rupiah. This is an adult ticket price. Apparently, children under 5 years old do not have to pay admission because we are only required to pay 4 tickets. Meanwhile, our 2.5 year old son does not have to pay for a ticket. Car park ticket price is 10 thousand rupiah.

This is our first time visiting Puncak Mas. Looks like this place is designed to take pictures. At least, there are 5 tree houses here. Some are built by connecting two trees, some are built only in 1 tree only.

In addition, there are 2 air balloons and a hanging bike. Visitors who want to board a tree house are free of charge. However, for visitors who are photographed on a bicycle hanging, have to pay ten thousand rupiah. Similarly, if you want to take pictures in the air balloon.

I found it hard to climb the tree house. This is because the steps of the tree house are too steep. The slope of the tree house stairs is unfriendly for women wearing skirts. Moreover, while holding a child.
Visitors must take turns climbing the tree house. However, there are visitors who still force to ride a tree house even though many people above.

The management is also concerned with the needs of worship for its visitors. In Puncak Mas there is a mushola. It’s in a tree. However, I think this makes it difficult for visitors who want to pray. Moreover, if suddenly fart. Must go down again and perform ablution. Then up again. really tiring, is not it? hehehehe.

At this tourist site there is also a playground for children. There is a swing and an enjot-enjotan (what is in English?). There is also a playground that resembles a mini tree house.

Puncak Mas visitors are also entertained with the music that can be heard throughout this tourist area.

In this place, there is only one food seller. It seems, belonging to the manager Puncak Mas. No food sellers from outside. So not much choice of food. But, this is precisely a nice thing. Because, visitors can really enjoy the scenery at this location, instead of shopping for food and goods. So, less money is spent. Most visitors order coconut ice (es-degan). Others, bringing food and drink from their homes. It seems, there is no prohibition to bring food from outside this tourist location. At least, I do not see any prohibitions on it.

Yesterday, I did not go to the toilet in Puncak Mas because only one hour was there. So, I can not tell about the condition of the toilet in Puncakmas.

In Puncak Mas there are 2 car parking spaces. There are located near the entrance, some are located at the bottom of the tourist area. However, the arrangement of the car park in the area below the tourist spot is not so good. At least that’s what happened when we visited yesterday. It seems that this should be noted by the manager. So the visitors who bring the vehicle more comfortable when parking their vehicle.

Overall, this place is great to visit. Especially for people who like to take pictures and show off holiday photos on social media, hehehe. Although, it looks like the construction has not been completed perfectly.
[Hisna C]

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