Cheap Holiday in Selaki Tarahan Beach (Sand and Clean Water, Spacious and Quiet Place)

Yesterday, December 25, 2017, we chose a cheap holiday. This time to the beach. The beach that we went to was Selaki Tarahan Beach. Selaki Tarahan Beach is located in South Lampung regency. When taken from the Port of Bakauheni, South Lampung regency, the driver must take 1.5 hours.

Selaki Tarahan Beach

When taken from sub-district Sukarame, Bandarlampung City, visitors must take 45 minutes, with a speed of 60-70 km per hour. We left for the beach at 07.30 am. The road to the beach is not too crowded. Probably because we left early in the morning. When arriving at the location, Selaki Tarahan beach is still quiet.

To enter Selaki Tarahan Beach, each person only pay 10 thousand rupiah. Then, children under 5 years old do not have to pay for tickets.

Ticket of Selaki Tarahan Beach


Selaki Tarahan Beach is a great place to relax. This place is quite clean. The water is clear, the sand is white. The air is very fresh. On this beach there are many trees that are shady. Most are ketapang trees. There is also a coconut tree. But few in number.

On Selaki Tarahan beach, Visitors can park vehicles anywhere. After that, can roll mats under the tree. then, escalate the vast coastal scenery. If not carrying a mat, visitors can rent wooden shacks built on the beach.

Today the sun is very bright. The sky is blue, and so is the sea. I love being here. Selaki Tarahan Beach is a great place to relax and chat with family, while grilling fish. From this beach, visitors can also see the hills lined up.

As the day went on, more and more visitors were arriving. Some come from coastal areas, from Bandarlampung and from outside Lampung Province. Yesterday, there was one family coming from Java island. From the way they talk, it seems they are from the western part of Java. Looks like residents of Banten.

On Selaki Tarahan beach, many boats lean. It looks like these boats are used to take visitors around the beach. However, this time the boats just leaned. The boat owners did not appear to be on the side of the boat.

Here we find many kluwek fruit or also called Kepayang Fruit. Although, if seen there is no this plant around Selaki Tarahan Beach. Probably derived from small islands that are opposite the beach. Then the waves brought to the edge of the beach. This fruit turned out to be used as rawon seasoning. Rawon is a type of cuisine derived from the island of Java. Rawon usually uses beef.

In Selaki Tarahan Beach, South Lampung Regency, there are also many pumice stones. We picked up a lot of pumice stone. Pumice stone can be used to clean metal kitchen utensils. For example pots and pans. Can also be used to clean the bathroom tiles.

Not many facilities to play here. Usually on the other beach there are banana boats or ducks that are rented out. However on this beach it is not. Here there are only boats and tires for rent. To rent small tires, visitors must pay 10 thousand rupiah, while for a rather large tire for 12 thousand dollars.

On the Selaki Tarahan Beach, South Lampung Regency, is also minimal food vendors. Here are commonly sold only instant noodles and coconut ice. Occasionally there are also sellers of ice cream and petis (fruit salad) that pass.

There is one important facility here, the toilet. It turns out the toilet here is clean and the water is fresh for bathing. The cost of this facility is also standard, only 2 thousand rupiahs disposable. So, if you want to bathe on the beach, do not hesitate to visit Selaki Tarahan Beach, in South Lampung Regency. [Hisna C]

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