Lampung Fair 2017, From The Unique And Expensive Food To The Parking Attendants Who Are “Naughty”

This is the second time we visited Lampung Fair 2017, in Wayhalim District. This time we come late afternoon, December 26, 2017. The atmosphere of Lampung Fair 2017 is still quiet. But already many traders are plowing food.

There is one unique food in Lampung Fair 2017. The food is called dragon cake. Actually, the composition of this food is very simple. Just in the form of dry bread which is given liquid nitrogen. So it feels cold and smoky. Although simple, this food is quite expensive, worth 25 thousand rupiah per serving. It feels sorry to buy this food. This is because the bread used is not good. Like the food of elementary school children.

The food we buy in Lampung Fair 2017 is egg crust (kerak telor) and grilled sausages. These two foods are the same as those sold elsewhere. But the unique way is to pay it. Visitors can not pay with cash. What the visitor should do is buy a coupon for the food. The purchase of food stamps must go through a special officer. Each coupon is worth 5 thousand rupiah.

In Lampung Fair 2017, how to pay for food with coupons is also unique. Coupons are delivered to the seller according to food prices. If the price of food purchased 15 thousand dollars, then the buyer must submit 3 pieces of coupon to the seller.

Yesterday, the price of Kerak Telor  is worth 20 thousand rupiah. So we submit 4 coupons to the seller. The quite expensive is the grilled sausages. For 1 grilled sausage skewer, it costs 3 coupons aka 15 thousand rupiah.

In Lampung Fair 2017 there is a promotion to buy glasses. When buying glasses, visitors can immediately check the eye condition. Furthermore, the lens will be adjusted to the results of the examination. Visitors can directly get the lens according to eye condition. Either minus, plus, or cylinder. Actually, the manufacturing process is quite fast. Only 3 hours after payment of goods. The price is cheap. Only about 100 thousand rupiah. But we do not want to be too long in Lampung Fair 2017. So, not so buy glasses. Though the price is much cheaper than when buying glasses outside the area of ​​Lampung Fair 2017.

come home with fish!

At the end of the exit gate of Lampung Fair 2017, there are ornamental fish sellers. Our 2.5 year old son immediately approached the ornamental fish seller. Our son holds the place of fish and plays the fish that has been packed. Already repeatedly invited home, but our son did not want to move. Forced, I paid 1 bag consisting of 2 fish. It costs 15 thousand rupiah. And if you buy ornamental fish in traditional markets, the price of 1 ornamental fish only 2 thousand dollars.

In Lampung Fair 2017, there is one strange thing when we get on the car. . There was a parking attendant approaching. They say “please wisdom, sir,” while holding out hands. That is, they want to request additional parking money. Finally, we give 2 thousand rupiah. In fact, when we entered the area of Lampung Fair 2017, all vehicle carriers have been charged parking fees, 10 thousand rupiah for 1 car. That is, there is a withdrawal of illegal parking fees, in addition to the official parking money. It’s not about 2 thousand rupiah, but that way is not true! [Hisna C]

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